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MEOW String Initiative is our new program designed to maintain the art of fine strings in our civilization by providing opportunities to inner-city youth who generally do not have exposure to such arts.  It is our desire to elevate, expose, and exhilarate our community with this program.  By youth becoming engaged in fine string education, it could lead to better education, a pathway into higher education, improve school ensembles, and much more.


Phase 1:

Find a group of 10-20 third and fourth graders to begin taking weekly classes with a certified string instructor.  Slots would be geared towards students who do not have access to fine string learning due to a lack of access and/or money.  Students will receive 30 weeks of instruction per year in addition to performing at MEOW recitals and other events.


Phase 2:  

We would begin to form a small ensemble with a group of participants as well as continue the applied lessons.  This would be a nice addition to our portfolio as MEOW Cares, Inc plans to expand its work in the community.


Phase 3:

Ensembles will split into 2 groups.  One ensemble will be for beginners (elementary), the other would be for intermediate (middle school).


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