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This is a strategic plan for the expansion of MEOW Cares, Inc. for the 2020-2021.  The relevance of our organization depends on the ingenuity of our board in enhancing our work and programs.  Since 2016 we have laid a strong foundation within our community and abroad.  

Our name signifies that we offer music education “on wheels.”  The original intent was defined to acknowledge our capability to bring our services to different schools, community organizations and or functions.  Now it is time to enhance this intent by creating a physical vehicle.  Hence, the MEOW Mobile Music Tour Bus as our next project.

This tour bus will be an innovative community fixture that will spark the imagination simply on the appearance.  Envision a colorful bus wrapped in imaginative wording and pictures centered around music.  The sight of this bus parked in front of area schools will provide excitement that will serve as a catapult of creation and learning for several kids.  


Inside of the bus, there will be a number of activities centered around education, creation, fun and technology.  This mobile studio will be equipped with a recording studio, where kids can create their own songs, with condenser microphones that hang from the ceiling.  The bus walls will be aligned with electric pianos, guitars and digital drums, fully capable of facilitating music lessons and classes.  The rear exit will be capable of extending the experience with a screen for karaoke, and other musical gaming and learning.

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